Baby making and motherhood can be a fast-track path of evolution, yet you and I both know there are obstacles and detours — which easily obscure this benefit. The postpartum window tends to present a big Y in the road for a mother’s physical and often mental health because we are extra fragile. So the long lasting effects of this time begin with care practices within the first half-hour after birth.

ysha playBaby-love is such an important power in the natural bonds of heart and spirit. There is sacred Shakti present in this bond that naturally supports mother’s rejuvenation and baby’s growth. Especially with the many challenges of childbirth that so many experience–from exhaustion and loneliness to negativity in the environment or a dural tube puncture in surgical birth–mama and both can both suffer. In any case, innocent love and commitment are often not enough to nourish the natural, dynamic process of recovery and evolution. Frequently, mother and baby need professional care.

Compassion and love are prime motivators for choosing a career as a maternal and newborn care professional. But often the skill sets and understanding are not enough. Fortunately for everyone involved in this sacred work, Ayurveda integrates a complete care paradigm with the soul’s purpose to really serve a new mother and baby.

There are mother-care traditions in many cultures with remnants of memory about postnatal care practices, but much of this important information has been lost to modern thinking. However, the ancient health care system called Ayurveda remains relatively intact. It offers comprehensive insight and step-by-step, personalized guidance for how to nourish, rejuvenate and spiritually support newborn mothers and babies. Today, mothers and babies thrive under this care whenever it is practiced properly.

AyuDoulas who have trained with me at Sacred Window School, learn profound preventive and rejuvenative wellness care and our clients rarely suffer many of the common complications of the postnatal time (including difficulties with lactation, colic, depression, weight, energy, hormones and more). Advanced students and practitioners gain real confidence in the profound enrichment of their ability to help mothers and babies.

Alignment of all components of care and understanding for best results is big, especially in this era with so many choices. Touching Heaven — Tonic Postpartum Care and Recipes with Ayurveda, have totally changed the way many look at the sacred window of time when a new life is welcomed into this world. Ayurveda spells our best care for the first 42 days after childbirth, wherein we can create patterns powerfully affecting mother and child for a lifetime and even benefit unborn generations.

We believe that taking proper care of mothers is essential for all people everywhere: mothers, fathers, families, communities and most of all, babies. We see each person who learns about these caring principles as emissaries for a healthier future for our world and our species.

We warmly welcome you to join us in serving mothers and babies on their journey of growth in a conscious loving, healthy, happy life.

Thank you for visiting, Ysha