A warm thank you for your interest in our Ayurvedic Postpartum Care programs.  Since Ysha Oakes (the founder and Director of Sacred Window School) passed away, a small group of dedicated volunteers have been keeping the website updated and have continued offering some of Ysha’s foundational courses.  We continue to make small changes in the offerings and how we present them.  Please let us know at sacredwindowprograms@gmail.com if you have any special requests or feedback. We welcome it whole-heartedly!

Motherhood is a remarkable journey which opens the heart in uncharted ways, yet comes with obstacles and detours we must navigate.  The postpartum window is sacred time, a “Kayakalpa”, in which the possibility for intense healing, rejuvenation, and inner expansion is possible.  Yet, if not consciously attended to, can lead to exhaustion, a decline in vital energy and numerous challenges for mom and baby.  There are time tested, simple and powerful tools using food, herbal support and lifestyle routines that can offer new moms the “sacred window” they deserve for the first 42 days postpartum and beyond.  Sacred Window’s classes and mentorship program help you to team up with Mother Nature’s plan for this sacred window of time.

Ayurveda integrates a complete care paradigm with the soul’s purpose to really serve a new mother and baby.  This ancient health care system offers comprehensive insight and step-by-step, personalized guidance for how to nourish, rejuvenate, and spiritually support newborn mothers and babies.  

People who study with us learn profound preventive and rejuvenative wellness care techniques.  Mothers who use these techniques and knowledge rarely suffer many of the common complications of the postnatal time including difficulties with lactation, colic, depression, weight, energy, hormones and many more.  Students have said that this knowledge has totally changed the way they look at the postpartum window.  Ayurveda offers care for the first 42 days after childbirth, wherein we can create patterns powerfully affecting mother and child for a lifetime and even benefit unborn generations.

We believe that taking proper care of mothers is essential for all people everywhere: mothers, partners, families, communities and most of all, babies. We see each Sacred Window student as an emissary for a healthier future for our world and our species. We believe that our programming is evolving and growing better each year.

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We warmly welcome you to join us in serving mothers and babies on their journey of growth in a conscious loving, healthy, happy life.

Thank you for visiting, Christine and the Mentoring team