Online Learning Room

A Guided Collection of our best classes in an Online Library

Online StudentSacred Window is developing the media archives of Sacred Window School that we are calling Sacred Window Learning Room. This is a collection of lectures and writings that, through the years, have educated postpartum doulas and Ayurvedic practitioners in prenatal and postpartum care from the perspective of Ayurveda.  We are collecting the webinars and writings IN ONE PLACE for easy and organized access.  Our plan is to offer a professional membership to this library; when you purchase access to this library, you’ll be given access to this collection via a simple website.

The material in this library will consist of Ysha’s foundational classes on Ayurvedic postpartum care and nutrition.  As we develop this concept, we hope to add some of her more advanced lectures and writings to our library, for certified and licensed practitioners.

The Learning Room will be available for independent study, or you can optionally hire a mentor — one of our professional Ayurvedic Postpartum Doulas and Practitioners — to guide and structure your studies & maximize your learning experience.

If you want to get started right away, please purchase one of the Baby’s Best Beginnings courses. The online Learning Room will look and act just like this course, but will have more stuff!!  If you purchase the Baby’s Best Beginnings Foundations course now, we’ll give you $76 credit toward the library access fee.

Access membership and PayPal buttons to come!