Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Mentoring

Our Ayurvedic Postpartum Mentoring program uses the material in the online Library to teach the basics of how to take care of postpartum mothers and their newborns using Ayurveda. It provides the practical foundation of Ayurvedic methods for postpartum care and nutrition that have been around for thousands of years, yet largely lost to modern care models.

This program is mainly intended for birth-workers and healthcare professionals who want to add Ayurvedic postpartum care to their professional offering.  It includes:

  • The guidance of a qualified Mentor who is also a professional trained and practicing Ayudoula
  • Webinars, reading materials, and (optional) practicums, quizzes, and study guides graded by your Mentor
  • An (optional) Letter of Completion for those who complete all of the classes and graded coursework with the guidance of a Mentor

The good news is that we’re changing the way we offer our Mentoring service in 2018!  You will now be able to customize your level of involvement with three mentoring options:

  • Questions and Answers via email, phone or Skype (hourly rate – 1 hour minimum)
  • Mentoring with discussions via phone or Skype (hourly rate – 2 hour minimum)
  • Mentoring program with discussion with Mentor and required coursework graded and commented on by Mentor
    • Mentoring hours included in program cost
    • Over 45 lecture hours
    • Approximately 20 practicum hours
    • 8 mentoring hours
      • More mentoring hours available as desired
    • Letter of Completion available upon request

To become a professional postpartum care provider, the best way to receive full professional training is by enrolling in a traditional DONA, BAI, or CAPPA postpartum care program.  The valuable insights gained from our Ayurvedic approach when combined with the traditional postpartum training can greatly enrich and expand your professional offering.

As you grow and develop your postpartum care/doula niche with Ayurveda, consider continuing to work with one of our Mentors; she can help you develop more skills and confidence in practice.

Cant WaitCan’t wait to start?  We still have to create all the web links and pay buttons for this new approach, BUT if you want to get started right away, please purchase the Baby’s Best Beginnings Home Study course. The online Learning Room looks and acts just like this course, but will have more stuff!!  If you purchase the Baby’s Best Beginnings Home Study course now, we’ll give you $76 credit toward the library access fee.