Postpartum Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Oils-Enhanced Support After Birth

Below are favorites, but follow your nose, follow your instincts, or consult a specialist if you need more guidance.  Explore our pages for many mothers’ experiences for more input!  And please remember to read the BASICS  (Ya, I know I’m repeating myself – I really mean it) about quality and safety factors. In time this page will be integrated with Ayurvedic tips or references.  We have found Dr. Vasant Lad’s book, The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies (now only $10.85 at Amazon) – also very helpful.

Some items listed in bold are blends via Young Living Essential Oils, others are “singles” i.e., individual plant oils.  With a blend you get the influences of many oils for less cost.

Starter recommendation

A bottle of Valor and an Essential 7 Kit (includes Joy, Lavender, Lemon, Peace & Calming, PanAway, Peppermint, & Purification, 5ml bottles of each).  Or even simpler, the two blends, Valor and Joy.   My favorite emotional protocol for speedy emotional turnaround combines the Valor – Joy –  Harmony – White Angelica blends.

Hormonal and Emotional support

For detail about the wonderful support with essential oils applications for the blues, depression, and other emotions, please contact a specialist. But here’s a start:

Clary Sage, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Geranium, Pine & Nutmeg (last two especially for adrenals) and Bergamot support hormones and are also antidepressants – we all have our favorites.  You may want to research each oils’ special gifts and wise use; for example, bergamot has an unusual caveat and should not be used where the sun will shine for the next two days, a serious burn warning.

Endoflex (thyroid and adrenals).  If a mother really likes this one, it is a quickie signal the thyroid may be low.

  • Thyromin – many are finding they can wean down and sometimes off synthetic thyroid and rebuild their gland, sometimes eliminating the need for this product also.  Thyroid is often a postpartum depletion, developing sometimes months down the road. Contact us for more info here until the page is up on it.

Hormonal Crèmes – Pregnenelone based crèmes/supplements (nerves, muscles, progesterone precursor products) such as ProEssence (Progesterone crème), Prenelone (tissue regen/healing), Neurogen (nerve pain/regen) – wonderful supportive products, more powerful when layered over a key essential oil.  Absolutely natural ingredients with no impurities (“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your body”).

All purpose soothe/calm, itches, stitches, skin, headaches and pain

Chamomile, Lavender.  Lavender is #1, all purpose and if good quality, more often as not, is all I need with my clients.

For bonding, and your belly

Gentle Baby if you don’t already have it.

Claraderm Spray is designed for stretched and damaged skin including perineal repair, antiseptic strength and pain reduction.

Immune and respiratory support

Lavender (gentle antiseptic, antimicrobial, calming), Purification (diffuse to protect from visitors), Eucalyptuses, RC blend (respiratory congestion, diffuses well), Thieves (heavy hitter but heating antimicrobial wide spectrum), Ravensara (cooling antiviral), Melaleuca Ericafolia (gentler, sweeter, calming) and Melaleuca Artinafolia (broad spectrum antimicrobials) and others.

For Digestive and Elimination support

Our favorites are Fennel (or Dill ) for digestion, constipation, gas, lactation and Ditone for digestive, gas, bloating, bad food. Dilute with a little massage oil if desired.

PS:  Please don’t use bran or if you can avoid it, anything dry which takes moisture from your body with postpartum constipation.  Instead 1 – 2 tsp castor oil is ok on short term use, and get busy with the internal oleation using extra butter, ghee, sesame oil, flax oil, coconut and olive (the first two being the best for now) – with everything you eat except fresh fruit!

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