Ayurvedic Postpartum Care — Training

Online training

Sacred Window currently offers online training that educates postpartum doulas Online Studentand Ayurvedic practitioners on the foundational knowledge of prenatal and postpartum care from the perspective of Ayurveda.

Our online trainings are available anytime. They feature lectures and writings along with mentoring from professional Ayurvedic Postpartum Doulas and Practitioners, to help you learn the material more deeply.

Hands-on training

Food Montage - portrait 2We are seeking individuals and schools who can teach and host hands-on trainings in Ayurvedic postpartum care so that we can round out our online program with on-site perinatal massage and cooking classes. Whenever there are hands-on trainings available, we will post and promote that information gratefully.

Keep coming back to our website (and opt-in) if you’re interested in hands-on training.  Contact us directly if you are interested in providing instruction or hosting a training.  Just email us at ayudoula @ gmail.com!